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1954 Gold Stratocaster

Serial# 0569

1954 Gold Stratocaster

Most associated with:

Eldon Shamblin
Born: April 24, 1916
Died: August 5, 1998

Current Ownership:

Ronny Proler
(Guitar Collector)

Previous Ownership:

- Larry Briggs
- Dave Crocker
- Joe Bonnamassa (on loan)

Eldon Shamblin was one of the guys who popularized Western Swing music during his long tenure with Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys.

Leo Fender who loved western music, got his team at Fender together and made this guitar primarily as a gift for Eldon. Shamblin mostly preferred arch-tops, but he really fell in love with that '54. And It was the first ever Fender custom made in Gold It dates 6/4/54 in the neck that is carved by Tadeo Gomez.

Over time, the guitars gold finish has oxidized partially into a greenish hue because. This is because bronze powder is mixed in for the finish. Gibson is also known for this finish and green tint.

The guitar has a thin V-shape neck. Eldon was no tremolo user and kept it blocked under his ownership.

Eldon died in 1998, but he sold it off before his death to Larry Briggs: A guitar dealer in Tulsa, and then Briggs traded it to Dave Crocker for a stake of his Texas Road Show (Now Amigo Guitar Show)

But in the 80's, Eric Clapton supposedly called Eldon and offered him $10.000 for it, but he declined.

Eventually it landed into the hands of Ronny Proler, a respected U.S. guitar collector.

Proler is good friends with Joe Bonamassa, and Joe had it on loan for a year.

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