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Famous Guitars

1954 Stratocaster - Rex Gallion

Serial# 0001

1954 Stratocaster - Rex Gallion

Most associated with:

David Gilmour
Born: March 6, 1946

Current Ownership:

Unknown Owner
(Auctioned Off)

Previous Ownership:

- Rex Gallion (40s)
- Leo Fender
- Seymour Duncan
- Phil Taylor

The #0001 was a custom guitar made as a gift by Fender for Rex Gallion in 1954.

Rex Gallion is said to be responsible for the carveout contours of the Stratocaster and told Leo Fender to try do something about the "edges that dug into the ribs"

There is a nice story about Rex Gallion HERE

The Guitar is NOT the first Fender ever made as it was claimed to be very early on. Probably it was the first CUSTOM made one, that is probably why it got the serial. But that remains to be confirmed.

The neck is carved by Tadeo Gomez and final inspection by Mary Lemus (most likely)

The #0001 apparently sat at the house of Leo Fender himself until he gave or sold it to Seymour Duncan, who had it for a time until David Gilmour's long time guitar tech Phil Taylor bought it from him for $900. Not known what year this happened.

But the story then goes that in the late 70´s, Gilmour jokingly blackmailed Taylor to buy from him it because Phil needed money to build a house. He eventually sold it to Gilmour for a undisclosed sum. I guess it was nice sum as Gilmour is one the more charitable fellow.

The #0001 was eventually sold at the Gilmour Collection auction at Christies in 2019 for $1.815.000 to an undisclosed winner. The guitar´s whereabouts today is unknown and has probably ended up in the worst fate any famous guitar can get: Locked up forever in a rich mans vault never to be seen in public again.

There has been a couple claims and stories that this is not a real 1954. but a partcaster and so on. But it will remain a mystery guitar with a hazy story.

It still is a unique and lovely looking guitar.

Gilmour jaming on the 0001 in at Abbey Road with Jeff Baxter.

The last footage of the #0001 in public. Gilmour playing "Marooned"

David Gilmour talks about his #0001. Before the Auction.

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