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1983 Stratocaster '57 Reissue - Gilmour

Serial# V013327

1983 Stratocaster '57 Reissue - Gilmour

Most associated with:

David Gilmour
Born: March 6, 1946

Current Ownership:


Previous Ownership:

David Gilmour´s '57 Reissue in Candy Apple Red was the successor to the Black Strat he had been using mainly since the 1970.

Him and Phil Taylor went to Fender´s storage house in 1984 to check out the new reissues after a disastrous last years of CBS guitars not meeting demands. These were made during the Schultz and Smith era and was a "back to basic" guitar like they made them in the 50's. He walked out of there with three of them: a Blonde, aSunburst and the red.

Pink Floyd's stage rig had by now grown so large that they sought out new ways to keep interference away of the guitars. They got in touch with EMG who supplied a few pickup sets of active SA-pickups. All three guitars were equipped with them (the sunburst also got piezo system) and the Sunburst made its debut when Gilmour guest appeared with Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry for a concert. The Sunburst died and lost signal not long after into the song and the red one took its place.

From then on, the '57 Candy Apple Red became his main guitar for the next two decades and was used on both Delicate Sound of Thunder and the Division Bell tour.

Post-Waters era saw Pink Floyd became more bigger "mainstream" that drew new listeners. This guitar became many peoples favorite.

In Australia 1988, The guitar had nut & fret maintenance repair and the pickup cavities was routed deeper allowing the EMGs to go lower.

In the 90´s after the guitar had been at Hard Rock Café for a several years, Phil Taylor took back the guitar and sent it to Charlie Chandler to have it fixed up. It was then put into storage for few years, and Phil saw it fit to give it to David at the live-8 concert in 2005, Originally the Red was to be used that evening and after he strapped it on, it was like Gilmour had found an old friend again and subsequently retired the red one for a new chapter with the old Black one.

Since then, the Red has been pulled out from the dust for a couple of gigs. This one video was from the year before.

The guitar was auctioned off along with the other two '57 guitars in 2019 for $615.000 dollars.

The guitar is still in England somewhere with a unknown collector.

INFO: Gilmourish

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