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Fender Broadcaster 1950 David Gilmour

Serial# 0040

Fender Broadcaster 1950 David Gilmour

Most associated with:

David Gilmour
Born: March 6, 1946

Current Ownership:

Unknown Collector
Auctioned 2019

Previous Ownership:

Frank Lucido (Store)
Phil Taylor (1979-1983)
David Gilmour (1983-2019)

In 1979 Pink Floyd was in L.A to do the final recordings and mixing of "The Wall"

Phil Taylor (Gilmour's Guitar tech) took some time off and went on shopping guitars around Los Angeles. He dropped by guitar trader Frank Lucido at California Guitars and scored a deal on this early BlackGuard Telecaster.

Gilmour then bought it from Phil in 1983 for his collection and had it for studio use. Unknown if it features on any recordings.

Its sold for $200.000 at Christies Gilmour Collection auction in 2019


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