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Abigail Ybarra

Born: Nov. 1935

Master Pickup Winder

Employed for Fender: 1956 - 2016

The word "Legend" is easily thrown around amongst artist. But Abigail Ybarra truly deserves that title.

She is, if not, the last living member of the golden-era Fullerton years of the 50´s and 60´s.

She started working for Leo Fender in 1956 as a teenager after she lost her father.

Abigail found her firm spot behind the winding machine after a short time after being trained by Pilar Lopez (First principal pickup winder) . Her workday was 8 hours at the time that split between 4 hours of winding and 4 hours of assembling and soldering and other things.

Abigail has never mentioned what she did during the CBS era since the company sorted out the winding to automated machines, if she worked there at all or not.

But eventually after the CBS-era, she became the master winder for Fender for many more year up to 2016 when she retired at 80 years old after almost 60 years in service.

In 2024 she came out of retirement together with her daughter Aurora Ybarra (who also winds) to help out an former Fender Masterbuilder Carlos Lopez for Castedosa Guitars. Together they wound some pickups for his ABI line he was producing.

Thinking back, you can only imagine the artists that had Abby´s pickup wired up on their guitars. The Queen of Tone is still heard today trough her pickups and will be for many years more.

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