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String Trees

String Retainer

50's Round Button

Fenders original used on Telecasters early 50's


Debuted in 1954

Ezy Glide

Debuted early 80s

Modern "T"

Appeared first  on the American Elite 2016


Tuners Overview

Vintage Split Shaft Kluson Style

Vintage Split Shaft Kluson Style (Pure Vintage Single Line)

Standard Fender Schaller Sealed Locking tuners

Standard Sealed Fender/Schaller Die Cast Sealed Tuner

Vintage 70's "F"Style Tuner

80's Schaller Deluxe Style Tuner


Fender uses two types.

Vintage Trussrod: These are used normaly on most guitars. It works in one direction only. Meaning the string tension is the counterpart, and trussrod is countering that tension.

Bi-Flex: This one works in both ways. Should your neck  have a backward bow and the string tension is not able to pull the neck to a straight level or further, the Bi-Flex rod can assist your neck bringing it to normal position or desired relief.

Micro Tilt

Fender Micro Tilt

This has been around since 1971 and designed by Leo Fender. Micro tilt is basically a substitute to shimming your neck. Instead of putting a thin piece of shim in your neck heel, a asjuting set-screw adjusted by an allen key trought the pin hole on the neckplate,  alters the angle of your neck by screw pressing against a metal plate routed into your neck heel. This allows the neck to tilt backwards. However, it can not be used to angle it forward. (If noted as NO, the small pin hole is not there)

Controured Heel

Contoured Heel

Contoured Heel - YES

Carved off for smoother reach at upper frets.

Contoured Heel - NO

The old standard Fender Heel

Switch Tips

Fender Switch Tips

Top Hat Switch Tip

Barrel Switch Tip

Stratocaster Switch Tip


Fender Telecaster Knobs

Knurled Flat-Top

With S1 Compatible  (Open) right side

Knurled Dome

Rounded Top

Black Plastic Witch -Hat Amp Knob

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