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Les Paul Custom 1957 HHH

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Kalamazoo 1957-1958

Body Wood: Solid Mahogany
Binding: Royalite 7-Ply Binding on Top / 5-Ply on Bottom and Headstock
Top Wood: None
Lacquer: Color Lacquer
Finish: Clear Gloss Nitrocellulose
Neck Wood: Mahogany
Nut: Nylon (Molded)
Neck Angle: 4°
Headstock Logo: Pearl Inlay Gibson + Split Diamond Ornament
Serial: Yellow Ink Stamped (From 1954)
Binding: Cellulose Nitrate Single Layer
Fretboard Material: Ebony
Inlay: Pearloid Block Inlay
Neck Lacquer: Black Nitrocellulose
Neck Top-Coat: Gloss Nitrocellulose
Neck Profile: Medium Rounded "C"
Nut Width: 1.687" (42.85 mm)
Scale: 24.75" (628.65mm)
Radius: 12"
#Frets: 22
OG Fretwire: NS Low Narrow Frets
Trussrod: Standard Headstock
Bolt-On Type: Glued Set-Neck

Bridge Type: Gold ABR-2 Bridge (No Wire Retainer)
Tailpiece: ABR Aluminum Gold (Thin Ear)
Saddles: ABR Gold Plated Brass Saddles
Tuners: Kluson Wafferback / Single Ring Keystone Buttons

Knobs: Black Bell Knobs (since 1955)
Pickguard: 3-Ply Black/White/Black
Back Covers: Black Plastic
Switch Plate: Black w/ Gold Lettering
Trussrod Cover: White Plastic with Black Top-Layer / "Les Paul Custom"

Switch: 3-Way Switchcraft / Cream Tip
Pickup Config: SS (UP : Bridge / MIDDLE: Mid+Bridge / DOWN: Neck)
Wiring: Custom Wiring. Three Volume and One- Master Tone
Capacitor: Sprague Phonebook + Tube Cap 0.2mfd PIO / Bumblebee 0.2mfd PIO
Pots: 500k Centralab
Neck Pickup: Seth Lover P.A.F Humbucker Pickup / Gold Cover
Middle Pickup: Seth Lover P.A.F Humbucker Pickup / Gold Cover
Bridge Pickup: Seth Lover P.A.F Humbucker Pickup / Gold Cover

Case: Black Hardcase w/ Orange Gold Lining

Mid-1957 saw the change from Single coil P90 to PAF Humbucker that Seth Lover designed. Almost all models of Gibson made the Humbucker change.The Custom, compared to the LP Standard was upgraded with not just to two buckers, but got a third as well.
The wiring was unorthodox as well.
Rhythm Pos: Selects Neck Pickup Only
Treble Pos: Selects Bridge Only
Middle Pos: Selects Middle and Bridge Pickup
The Bridge pickup was magnet reversed. So selecting middle pos. gave you an Out-of-Phase / Quacky Peter Green like-sound

Les Paul Custom 1957 HHH




Black (806)


Black (806)
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