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Les Paul SG Standard 1960

Masking Tape.png

1961-1962 Kalamazoo

Body Wood: Profiled Mahogany
Binding: None
Top Wood: None
Body Shape: SG Profile Double Cutaway
Lacquer: Color Lacquer
Finish: Nitrocellulose
Neck Wood: Mahogany
Nut: Nylon (Molded)
Binding: Single Ply White w/Dot Markers
Headstock Logo: Ivory Gibson + Crown Inlay
Serial: Black Ink stamped / 5-Digit
Fretboard Material: Brazilian Rosewood
Inlay: Celluloid Trapezoid Inlay
Neck Lacquer: Cherry Red Nitrocellulose
Neck Profile: Flat Wide "D"
Nut Width: 1 11/16" (43 mm)
Scale: 24.75" (628.65mm)
Radius: 12"
#Frets: 22
OG Fretwire: NS Medium Frets
Trussrod: Standard Headstock
Bolt-On Type: Glued Set-Neck

Bridge Type: Nickel-plated ABR Bridge (No Wire)
Tailpiece: Nickel-plated Gibson Sideways-action Vibrato system
Saddles: Nickel-plated Brass
Tuners: Kluson Single Line (Dual ring) Green Keystone Buttons

Knobs: Black Dome Reflector Silver Inserts. (with Pointer Ring)
Pickguard: Black 5-Ply Wide Bevel Long Shape pickguard / 5-Screws
Back Cover: Black Plastic / 4-screw
Trussrod Cover: Bellshape White with BlackTop Ply + "Les Paul" Scripture
Jack Cover: None (on front)

Switch: 3-Way 90° Switchcraft
Pickup Config: HH
Wiring: Standard: 2 Volume / 2 Tone
Capacitor: Dime Caps 0.2mfd (50V)
Pots: 500k Centralab
Neck Pickup: P.A.F Humbucker w/ Cover (Alnico V)
Bridge Pickup: P.A.F Humbucker w/ Cover (Alnico V)

The 1961 Les Paul Standard (SG) was the successor to the single-cutaway LP Standard. The body was thinner, had tapered countour edges and sharp double cutaway horns. The guitar was not an immediate success but found itself as modern overdrive driven Rock music established itself during the 60's with Tony Iommi, Frank Zappa and most notably: Angus Young of AC/DC. The SG+Marshall combo prove to be a tru rock powerhouse. from 1961 to late 63, the 'Les Paul Standard' name was dropped and renamed to SG Standard (SG=Solid Guitar) as Les Paul disliked the guitar design and thus ended the contract with Gibson but retained his royalty deal of $1.00 per guitar sold.
The first years SG are very prone to headstock damage as they have a very thin profile. from neck to headstock.
Price for the guitar in 1961: $290 (Case: $47.50)

Les Paul SG Standard 1960


Cherry Red

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