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FSR American '52 Vintage Chambered Spruce Top

American Vintage Series (2004)

Fender Telecaster Decal Logo
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Cherry Sunburst - Butterscotch Blonde - Black

Model# 017-0019-XXX

Body Wood: Ash (Chambered with Spruce Cap)
Lacquer: Nitrocellulose
Shape: Standard Telecaster
Serial: On Bridge / 5-digit

Neck Wood: Maple
Decal: Large Silver Spaghetti w/ Gold Trim + "telecaster"
Fretboard Material:
Neck Lacquer: Nitrocellulose
Neck Profile: U-Shape
Headstock: Standard Tele
Nut Width: 1.650" (42mm)
Scale: 25.5"
Radius: 7.25"
#Frets: 21
Fretwire: 6230 Vintage Frets
Trussrod: Vintage Heel Adjust
MicroTilt: No
Contoured Heel: No

Bridge Type: Vintage 3-Saddle String Thru + Ashtray Cover
Bridge Marking: "Fender Pat.Pend" + Serial
Saddle: Vintage Barrel Brass Saddles
Tuners: Cintage Split Shaft Kluson Style
String Tree: 50's Round Button
Knobs: Round Dome Knobs
Neckplate: 4-Bolt Blank Plate

Switch: 3-Way
Wiring: Vintage: Pos1: Neck Pos2: Bridge w Tone Pos3:Bridge w/ No Tone
Pickup Config: SS
Neck Pickup: New American Vintage Tele Single-Coil Chrome cover (6.4k)
Bridge Pickup: New American Vintage Tele Single-Coil (7.3k)

CASE: Vintage Brown Tolex Hardshell Case
NAMM Special Edition release based on '52 Reissue Specs
100 where made in Black Color These where solid Ash. No spruce or Chambering
100 Guitars in Butterscotch. Chambered with Spruce Top
100 Guitars in Cherry Red Burst Chambered with Spruce Top
Guitars came with both 6-Saddle and 3-Saddle bridge. Extra bridge was in the case.

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