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PSA: KLEIN pickups have issues...

KLEIN PICKUPS seems to have big problems shipping out the orders to their customers. And what is just as worse, they refuse to answer emails. This is just a heads up if you plan to order from them these days. (May 2024) You might end up waiting in vain.

I monitor some forums and there are threads here and there popping up asking about Klein pickups lead time issues.. First one in April, but we are now in June, and people still asks if anyone has heard anything.

Klein advertises with 6-8 weeks lead time, but some have come forward who has over a year ago since they ordered from them.

Klein Pickups have been doing it for many years now and from what i hear, they run a skeleton crew. Some say it is only one-man operation, but with the fact that Klein also has distribution to a few stores around the world, i find it hard to believe that one man are to handle both administration and production. They pretty much offer full packages. Pre-wired pickguards, parts, pickup repair. etc etc.

Something is up with them for real but we just don't know yet.

Personally i do not order pickups and pay for pickups pre-production. I pay when pickups are ready to ship.

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