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The Clown/ 1978 Greco Les Paul

The 1978 Greco is an on/off project on the bench once i have tools and material. So here is a little backstory.

I bought this in December 2023 from a man down south. It was stripped of color and the bridge and tail piece was lacquered gray. The knobs was of the colorful kind, Hence the name
The tuners might be the best part. They are Vintage Grove Futura´s. The downside, one Kidneybean has been lost and replace with a regular tuner button. These are the screw on kind, but the replacement tuner button is just a press-in type and has cracked as well. 
Tuners works fine, but i need to find a replacement Kidneybean key.


On receiving it.
It was in poor but playable condition with some fret buzz. Worn down frets, the end nibs on binding was gone and the fret ends was horrible.
Pickup was caved in, Volume pot was hard to turn. I am uncertain on the original finish, but the guy who sold it to me said it was Black. prior to stripping it. But that could not be the original color since the binding was black. On black, you put white binding. In any case, he had tru-oiled the whole guitar.
Here is the state it was in on purchace:

So once home, i stripped the whole thing. The cavities was shielded, on top of shielding paint :)

The binding on the neck came clean off. The binding on the body had some problems coming off here and there.. But eventually i got it naked. All screws where rusted or wrong.

Current state as of Feb 23 2024..
Dear diary:
It took a month for the binding to get here. This one needed 2mm thick binding. The 1.5 would not do although they can be used for the neck. As of now. The body is binded up and, although it was a nighmarish to put on  due to the 2mm thickness, it actually turned out pretty well. I never done binding in my life so this was a learner.. What to do and what to not do..

Next up is re-fret and neck binding. Once that is sorted, i can say that i am over the worst part.
The Rosewood fretboard is not tip top, but im 80% sure the fret will go in and hold. Getting a new fretboard is something i hope to avoid, but it is a possibility

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