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Tuning my guitar

Leo Fender´s Vision

There is not many websites out there dedicated solely to Partcasters. so here is one. I created this site during the pandemic to pass time.

I love to put together my own guitars. A small passion i have developed for myself who has never bought a Fender of the rack in a music stores.

SO WHO am i:

My name is Sindre. Born in Tromsø Norway, now lives in Bergen. 42 years old
You can add me on Facebook
  or MeWe

So why Partcasters?

One of the main reasons why Fender is such a great invention, is its design where every part can be replaced.
During the designing of the Esquire (Telecaster), Leo wanted
the Fender guitars to be completely serviceable.
So he decided to make his guitars with bolt-on necks. While Gibson use set-necks (glued on), the Fender necks can be unmounted from a users standpoint with a simple screwdriver. This make every part of the guitar replaceable and gives you the possibility to create very unique guitars. The Stratocaster for instance is not a perfect guitar. It has it flaws. Leo designed and built it for us and probably thought "Hey, here is my creation, now you perfect it" (or maybe not) !

So when does a factory assembled Stratocaster become a Partcaster? Where do one draw the line?
Some say is when you replace the pickups, or tuners. Maybe only just the knobs.
Most agree on it is when you replace the neck.
But if you think about it, ALL Stratocasters are Partcasters. They all are put together from parts from a home desk, a garage, or an assembly line in Corona California or Ensenada Mexico.
It's just on the paper it says it's not a Partcaster. Assembled by a Fender factory worker. You alter something, you lose warranty. That sort of thing.

Fender themselves do not care that you put together your own, and are not concerned that you will not buy their own builds. Probably because it is what Leo set out to do when he designed it. It is part of Fender´s legacy. Fender sells every part of their guitars on their own website for those who want to replace whatever part needs to be replaced, or that goes into a Partcaster build.

Some guitarists went there by choice and by a goal. Like David Gilmour and Eric Clapton. Ever since the Tele and Strat was invented, a huge community of builders, hardware makers and neck and body carvers has emerged on the market. You can more or less write a book on possibilities of creating your own guitar and these days, you can put together a guitar where all the parts don't have to be made by Fender.

Around the world you have companies that can carve a neck for you with the exact neck profile, , radius, frets and finish, all just for you. 
If you have a wild idea of a finish, You have small and larger workshops out there that can make it happen for you.

There are over 250 pickup winders you can order from..
You have great entrepreneurs and engineers that have further developed Leo´s inventions, from the Tremolo unit all the way down to that tine little string tree on the headstock. I am sure Leo would smile and give an smile if he was alive today.
The community for the Partcaster is large and dedicated and it is always growing.

And that is the definite beauty about them. Almost
every single one are made by someone to fit their own requirements.  to fully create a guitar suited for your hands.

There is a warning to go with it. For most, once you start building them, it might become an obsession and an addiction. You suddenly do not just want to build That Special #1. You also want to build your #2 and your #3 as well.. 

It is not suited for everybody. There is some technical skills involved, from soldering electronics and cutting your own nuts. But for those with no fear of diving into the DIY world,  those that can wield a screwdriver or a soldering iron have much fun to look forward to.

Even if  Partcasters wont give you your investments back when you sell it, these creations just feels extra special for yourself and you only.. There is a certain pride that comes with it if the build ends up being what you envisioned it to be.
Some guitars turn out great, and some sadly don´t..
But, It is something you can claim your very own, and you will remember the fun and excitement it brought with it after you finally strung it up.


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