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Tuning my guitar

about this site

THIS SITE WAS aimed to bring more focus to building or assembling your own partcaster guitar. But it has more become an informational site that i build when i have time.

Ia m Just a guy who loves to play a little guitar but more so, love to fix, tinker, build, assemble and experiment with them. I fix guitars for myself and i fix guitars for other people too. Deeply passionate about luthierism and tech work.

As of now, i add a little info here and there. I still have the blog up in case i want to write some reviews or tips

If you wish to collaborate, happy to do so.

I AM available any time if you need help with something on Fender builds, pickup choices, Pickup ID, Wiring requirement. Ask me ANYTHING! I love to talk about guitars.. Just use the chat bubble and i will quickly get back to you. I am open for any ideas this website could have.

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