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Here are mountspacing and string spacing and Pickup ID with photos and links. Look no further. More info below. You may access this off site: spreadsheet.
This has developed from just Trems to pickups too. This sheet is a constant work in progress. You may also contribute with data if you have any of the guitar with missing specs. Use the chat or access the spreadsheet offsite and leave a comment there if you wish to add or correct things.


2-3/16 = 55.6mm (Japan)

2-7/32 = 56.3mm (USA)

2-1/16 = 52.4mm (Mexico)

FSR= Fender Special Run

Some partnumber might re-direct to a tremolo with different part number. You should not worry as i probably list the original number. But Fender did change the Product ID# on a few but the specs and model is the same.


Custom Shop guitars are not listed. The majority of them are Vintage bridges. And the severe limited run of them gives me less reason to list them. I could make a spreadsheet for them only. But it would be entirely user-contributed. Let me know.
Floyd Rose models are NOT represented on this list yet. But i will probably get to them later.

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