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UPDATED: May 2024


The biggest and most known winders today. Hand and machine wound. Prices in all ranges usually due to high selection

Seymour Duncan (Started as a one man operation. Today, the most known winder there is with maintained integrity) *** 🇺🇸
DiMarzio (rock and metal players choice for many years. But not only those. Still doing quality stuff for affordable prices) *** 🇺🇸
Fender (Fenders own in-house pickups. Been winding pickups since the 50´s) *** / *****  🇺🇸 /🇲🇽
Gibson (Official Gibson Humbuckers and LP pups ) **** 🇺🇸

EMG (Another metal players choice since 1975. Famous for their active pickups) *** 🇺🇸
Bare Knuckle (UK based. A boutique winder gone huge in later years) **** 🇬🇧
Lace Music (Noiseless pickups only. Came stock in some Fender models in 1985-1996) **** 🇺🇸

Lollar Pickups (A firm favourite by many.. became famous for P-90s and the Imperial Humbuckers) **** 🇺🇸
Fishman (Mostly known for acoustic systems, But scored big with Fluence models) **** 🇺🇸


Highly regarded, always in demand. One-Man operations or smaller staffed workshops risen from humble beginnings

Don Mare (Don specialises in 50´s sounding Tele & Strat . Only open for order about 3 times a year) *****  🇺🇸 🏆

Ron Ellis | FB (Holy Grail pups for the price. Ron tests his pickups and every part he is supplied in a lab ) ******  🇺🇸🏆
The Creamery (Justin makes fine English pickups ) **** 🇬🇧

Tom Holmes Co. (Nashville based. One of them highly esteemed winders of our times. Call for order) 🇺🇸
J.M Rolph Pickups (Top grade. Please set off an whole evening on the phone if you call to order😄) *****  🇺🇸​

Kinman Pickups (King of Noise and Hum free PU´s. Chris Kinman takes his creation seriously. )*****🇦🇺/🇵🇭

Klein Pickups (Popular in US. Recreates every pivotal year of the) **** 🇺🇸

Cream T Pickups (Associated with ZZ Top, Beck etc. Grew out of Norway from a garage in Oslo) ***** 🇬🇧

Lindy Fralin (Highly respected and knowledgeable winder. Top service) **** 🇺🇸
Van Zandt Pickups (Texas based. W. L. Van Zandt passed away in 1997. His family continues his legacy)**** 🇺🇸

Suhr (John Suhr has done major stuff with his guitars. Try his pickups as well) **** 🇺🇸

Throbak (Pedal, strings and Pickups.) ***** 🇺🇸

Scetched Humbucker Art


small or big, known and unknowns, cheap or costly..

8 Bomb Custom (PAF winder that has perfected his technique. Based in Belarus) **** 🇧🇾

Adeson Pickups (No idea how to order. no contact info.. Bare-bone info only website) ?  🇬🇧

Aero Instruments Pickups (Specialised in Bass pickups) 🇺🇸

Alexander Pribora (He sells both economy and premium pickups with Russian made material) ** / **** 🇷🇺

Auburn Electric Instruments (Indiana based. Just starting up.) 🇺🇸

Amalfitano Pickups (Winds for a few celebs. Has all types) **** 🇺🇸

Amber Pickups (Amber is Wolfgang Damm who invented the P94 Pickup. German site only) **** 🇩🇪

Angeltone Pickups (Wisconsin based. Pickups made on old winding machines) *** 🇺🇸

Antonio Di Gregorio (Seems to only operate his business by FB. acoustic and electric) ? 🇺🇸

Arcane Inc. (Winds all sorts of pickups) **** 🇺🇸

Armstrong Pickups (Kent Armstrongs son Dan runs this) *** 🇬🇧

Arty's Custom Guitar (Austrian winder. Winds batches for sale periodically) *** 🇦🇹

Azure Guitara (An icelandic winder living in Norway winds PUs amongst other things. Reachable on IG / FINN) ****🇳🇴

Benson Custom (Good economical pickups) ** 🇺🇸

Bell Tone Pickups (Baltimore winder and Wah-makers) **** 🇺🇸

BG Pickups (Brian Gunsher winds decent priced pickups from the Colorado Mountains)  *** 🇺🇸

Blackstock Pickups (This is YouTuber Phillip McNight's windery business . small selection of all sorts) 🇺🇸$$$$

Bootleg Guitars (Small selection. Crazy prices) ***** 🇺🇸

Bootstrap Pickups (Very affordable and excellent quality. High in demand and superb Customer service) *  🇺🇸

Boutique Pickups (Peter Florance legacy lives on. PUs made on his old tools and machines by his protegé)***🇺🇸

Brandonwound Pickups (Versatile Pickups and decent priced Single coils. run by two guys) *** 🇺🇸

Brierly Guitar Pickups (Australian winder) *** 🇦🇺
Bulldog Pickups (All sorts of low-priced pickups) *** 🇬🇧

Burns London (Mostly pickups for their own guitars but knock yourself out and try and email them)*** 🇬🇧

BYOGuitar (New Hampshire based retailer with their own pickup line with affordable prices) ** 🇺🇸

CJLab Pickups (Their ST-pickups are machine wound.) **** 🇺🇸

Callahan Pickups (He winds pickups for Bill Frisell. All sorts selection) *** 🇺🇸

Catwhisker Pickups (Long time UK winder with economy based pups.. Meow!) *** 🇬🇧

Cavalier Pickups (Rob DiStefano is a legend pickup maker. Despite his reputation, he is budget friendly) *** 🇺🇸

Cetera Pickups (Swizz base winder for OK price.) *** 🇨🇭

Cecca Pickups (French winders with a very small (one set model) selection) **** 🇪🇬

Coils Boutique (German small shop. All sorts for good price) ***  🇩🇪

CMDaugherty Handwound (Tecas based winder that does tasty 50¨s and 60´s pickup with relic too) *** 🇺🇸
Colmax Pickups (Canadian winders. HB and Single-coil.) **** 🇨🇦

Corsa Guitars (Tiny selection of humbuckers) **** 🇺🇸

Curtis Novak  (Small team from Cali. All sorts of pups) **** 🇺🇸

Customy Pickups (Brazilian winder with secret DC readings.. No prices given) ? 🇧🇷

Darkmoon NYC (Fair price sets from these winders) *** 🇺🇸

David Barfuss (German winder of several styles) **** 🇩🇪

David Allen Pickups (WARNING: D.Allen is M.I.A. Much debate about production and order problems)   🇺🇸 🇨🇳

Dawgtown Custom Shop (Unknown winder from US. Sells on Reverb. Throw him a bone. Also on FB) 🇺🇸

Deacci Pickups (Irish winders that winds high priced pups) **** 🇮🇪

De Lisle Guitar Co. (Cozy amp, pedal and pickup winder company. Design your own pups) *** 🇺🇸

DeTemple Guitars (One man army luthier and winder) **** 🇺🇸

DF Pickups (Winder located in Adelaide, south Australia)  🇦🇺

DS Pickups (Argentinian winders. Does not sell online. Distributes to other shops) *** 🇦🇷

DGN Custom Guitars (Primarily a builder, but offers some buckers and PAFs too) *** 🇺🇸

Dolezal´s Boutique (Croatian. Refurbish and sells old pickups along new ones) **/**** 🇭🇷

Dominger Pickups (Decent priced made by rockin couple. Sold trough ETSY) *** 🇺🇸

Dommenget Guitars (German based luthier and winder. Unknown how to order or price) 🇩🇪 

Dronski Pickups (Chezh Republic based. Facebook only).  🇨🇿

Doyle Coils (Clone winder of PAFs and Humbuckers) **** 🇺🇸

Duneland Labs (Humbuckers only. Does wind for a few profiled musicians) **** 🇺🇸

Dylan Pickups (Youtuber Dylan Talks Tone. Comes with a price) ***** 🇺🇸

Edmire Pickups  (Norwegian winder. Website currently under construction. Try his FB) 🇳🇴

Eastgrove Pickups (New York City based. No pups listed yet. Strat/Tele only) 🇺🇸
E-Dis Pickups (Croatian maker. Order and prices by e-mail only) ? 🇭🇷

Eternal Guitars (Luthier and winders with option of relicing) *** 🇬🇧

Euphony Pickups (Polish makers, They have reasonalble relic PU covers and knobs) *** 🇵🇱

Evil Sheep Guitar Pickups (UK based. All PU´s seems made for order)  CLOSED UNTIL NOV. 2023**/*** 🇬🇧

FatPups (Small but good selection for Strat and Tele.)** 🇺🇸

Fletcher Pickups (Good PU's for good prices from Ben. Based in Birmingham, England) ** 🇬🇧

Flametone Pickups (Italian maker of pricey clones. Good quality aging of his products) *****  🇮🇹
Fred Stuart Guitars (Well known luthier, makes pickups too) **** 🇺🇸

Foothill Pickups (They wind pickups AND they fix your swimming pool. Ask for package deal 😄) 🇺🇸
Fokin Pickups (In  mother Russia, the pickups winds you. Fokin´cheap pickups)** 🇷🇺

Gadow Guitars (Luthier and winder) *** 🇺🇸

Gas Pickups (Greek winder. Very informative about his pickups. Plenty of read in there) 🇬🇷

Gemini Pickups (Wales based since 2006) *** 🇬🇧

General Vintage Tone (Outrageously priced vintage clone pickups that is made in very small numbers) ****** 🇪🇸
Genesis Pickups (Website closed, sells only trough Reverb now. Signature Strat pups only FB) **** 🇺🇸

GFS GuitarFetish (Well known Florida seller with cheap pickups made in Korea) * 🇺🇸

Ghost Winders (These guys only sell in bulk of 10 set or less to Luthiers/ builders. Check Ebay/Reverb for used) 🇺🇸

Grinning Dog Pickups (Japanese One-Man operation. Old website. Try his FB) 🇯🇵

Guitar Madness (Super affordable pickups out of east coast US. Not sure if handwound, but for the price, who cares.) * 🇺🇸

Guitarish (Viggo is based in Bergen Norway. Small little shop that winds all sorts) *** 🇳🇴

Hanson Pickups (Chicago based. Currently not possible to order)  🇺🇸
Harmonic Design (90´s Website. All sorts of pups) ****

Hatters Pickup (British dapper gents who winds single coils. No info on price) 🇬🇧

Häussel Pickups (German based. Website German only) **** 🇩🇪

Hepcat Pickups (Handwound. French site only) **** 🇫🇷
High Order Pickups (90´s website. Order by Email only) **** 🇺🇸

Hoagland Custom (All things for your guitar, harnesses, guards and pups) **** 🇺🇸

Holly`s Handwound (Apparently a woman who winds these. Only sells on Ebay since 2007) ****🇺🇸

Homewrecker Pickups (L.A based. Mostly PAF´s and Humbucker) *** / **** 🇺🇸

House Of Tones (Guitar Magazine voted these fellas for making the best PAF replicas.) *** / **** 🇬🇧
IR Guitar Custom Shop (Makes bodies and such mostly. Now offering own winds) **** 🇬🇧

IronGear Pickups (The British equivalent to Bootstraps. Very cheap, hands wound sets ) * / ** 🇬🇧

I-Spiria (Italian. Basically for Italian since his site is in Italian only. No prices to be seen) 🇮🇹

IUSO Pickups (Italian winder with broad selection of Bass and Electrics. Decent prices too) *** 🇮🇹

Ironstone Pickups (Low budget pickups from UK.)**  🇬🇧

Jalen Guitar (Likes to do buckers. But does single coil on custom order. Sells on Reverb and Ebay only.)

Jess Loureiro (Fair priced sets. Can make ANY pickup you want)  *** 🇪🇸

Jim Wagner Pickups (Main biz is PAFs and Buckers.) **** 🇺🇸

Joe Barden (Joe Barden has since retired, but JBE is still running under new management) *****  🇺🇸

Joel Byron (Want a certain sound? Joel knows. You can only reach him on phone (706) 372-4972) 🇺🇸

JJ's Guitar Pickups (Aussies that winds some nice pup) *** 🇦🇺
J. S Moore Custom  (90´s website again. Fairly priced pickups) *** 🇺🇸

Juicy Pickups (You tell me if they are juicy) *** 🇬🇧

K-Line Guitars Fender model guitar builder. And off course pickups....) **** 🇺🇸

K&T Modern Vintage Guitar  (Jun Takano spins fine pickups in his shop. Are the prices real?) ***** 🇯🇵

Kami Pickups (Old site, not updated. Unsure of operational status) 🇪🇬

Kent Armstrong Handwounds (Kent owns WD music. Offer a selection og pups there) *** 🇬🇧

Kinsley Custom Guitar (Wyoming based winder) ****  🇺🇸

Kloppman Electrics (German winder with tall price range) ****** 🇩🇪


Lawing Musical Prod. (A lesser known challenger in the hum-free department from Dr. Lawing) **** 🇺🇸
Leddin Vintage Guitars (Australian fine wounds) **** 🇦🇺 

Lighthouse Pickups (French pickups, High end on brown bobbins) **** 🇫🇷

Lauzon Pickups (all sorts of hand wound pickups) *** 🇨🇦
LeoSounds (German based winder, all styles)  *** 🇩🇪

Lewis Pickups (Melbourne based. Single coils only) **** 🇦🇺

LunaKraft (Unique deco-art handmade pickups) *** 🇺🇸

Lundgren Guitar Pickups (Swedish high-end winds. All types, all era's) **** 🇸🇪

Luther Lee Pickups (New Jersey based. Makes for Strat, Tele, LP and does P90´s. Also repairs and do rewinds.) **** 🇺🇸

Malagoli Pickups (Brazillian. Good selection and good prices) *** 🇧🇷

Madhouse Designs (order on FB only. On & off winder due to health issues) **** 🇺🇸

Mama Pickups (Italian winder for all sorts. Also bass pickups. They also do custom work) **** 🇮🇹

Manlius Guitar (N.Y based small operation winders) ***  🇺🇸

Mark Foley (Great stuff from UK. Check his FB. Also makes repro hardware) **** 🇬🇧
Masa Handmade (Sells on Ebay. Korean made and sold from China. Words are that they are great pu´s) * 🇰🇷

Mason Electrics (Norwegian winder and electric service man.) 🇳🇴

McNelly Pickups (Canada based. Several types with about 10 weeks leadtime) ***/**** 🇨🇦
Migas Touch Pickups (US based with nice spun and numbered pickups. Nice price. Ships US Only) *** 🇺🇸
MJS Customs (Canadian winder, order by email/forms only) 🇨🇦
Mojo Gear (Bulgarian pedal maker and pickup winders) *** 🇧🇬

Mojo Pickups (Pickups and harnesses for fair price) *** 🇬🇧

Mojotone (Large business: Amps, pedals etc, but they make pickups too) *** 🇺🇸

Monstertone Pickups (Owned by Schecter now. Small selection) ? 🇺🇸

Montances Guitar Wiring (Based in the Phillipines. and fairly new to the market) 🇵🇭 ****
Montreux Guitars (Japanese store. Offering vintage wound pups) **** 🇯🇵

Moondot Music  (Irish luthier, also makes pickups) **** 🇮🇪

Monty´s Guitars (Matt was a apprentice of Charlie Chandler. Famous for his Danish Pete Signature PU.s) *** 🇬🇧
Motor City Pickups (all sorts for all player. based in Detroit) ****  🇺🇸

Nick Silver Pickups (Based in Greece. Great and wide selection) *** / **** 🇬🇷

Nine One Six Pickups (Sacramento based. Very custom stuff) **** 🇺🇸

Nordstrand Audio (All sorts for OK prices) *** 🇺🇸

Nothern Pickups (Huddersfield based. Decent priced. PAF´s, Strat, Tele and Bass) *** 🇬🇧

NOwaxx Pickups (German based, all styles handwound but very pricey) ***** 🇩🇪

O.C Duff (All kinds of handwounds from Owen Duffy) **** 🇺🇸

ODEZZA Handwound Pickups (Kansas based winder. Does custom designs if you looking) *** 🇺🇸
Oil City Pickups (Greasy pickups for slick prices) *** 🇬🇧

Old Bones Pickups (Suffolk based. one-man operated windery) *** 🇬🇧

Onamac Windery (Fair priced. Good selection. the choice of Whitfill Guitars) *** 🇺🇸
Ormsby Guitars (Primarily a luthier, but stocks their own humbucker pups) *** 🇦🇺 

Orpheus Pickups (Aussie winds a good selection of Pickups) **** 🇦🇺
OX4 Pickups (British winder with a small selection) **** 🇬🇧
Palatine Pickups (German winder with nice prices. Also offers one-off prototypes. German only site) ***  🇩🇪

Paul Reed Smith (Needs no introduction really) **** 🇺🇸

Pete Biltoft / Vintage Vibe (Fairly unknown. But makes all styles) *** 🇺🇸
Perthshire Guitar Service (A dutch luthier based in Scotland.  He can wind you pickups as well. ) *** 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Pickupmakers (Italian winders. Site is in Italian only) *** 🇮🇹

Planet Tone Pickup Co. (Based in Denver. Good customisable selection and low prices) ** 🇺🇸

Porter Pickups (Idaho based. Good website, all sorts of pups and OK prices) **** 🇺🇸

Q-Pickups (Croatia based. Sells mostly on Reverb now. Experiments and do one-offs as well) *** 🇭🇷

Q-Tuner Pickups (Unique futuristic designs from these guys) **** 🇺🇸
QRZ Pickups (Norwegian. is a guitar parts seller with their own in-house winder) **** 🇳🇴

R.M.Pickups (Chezh Replik winder for nice price. Not sure if handmade)  ** 🇨🇿

Redding Street Pickups (more known as Ckuz Pickups. Decent prices) *** 🇺🇸

Reilander Custom (Canadian winder you can find him on Instagram )*** 🇨🇦

Reverend Guitar (Known for parts, guitars and pickups)*** 🇺🇸

ReWind Pickups (Offering vintage wound pups for grand dollars) ***** 🇺🇸

Rice Custom Guitars (Variety of pickups. Price on contact only) 🇺🇸

Radioshop Pickups (Wide selection. All sets can be pre-wired for yoiu.) **** 🇬🇧

Railhammer (Humbuckers for rockers. Made in Asia believe) ***

Revel Custom Pickups (Great selection for fair prices. Easy to navigate site) *** 🇺🇸
Rautia Pickups (Arctic tones. Temporarily closed due to illness) 🇫🇮

Raw Vintage (Vintage correctness. Makes Tremolo springs and saddles too) ***

Rio Grande Pickups (Texas for sure. All sorts and everything else) **** 🇺🇸

Rocketfire Pickups (Small selection. Can be found in Danocaster guitars) **** 🇺🇸

Ron Kirn (Ron makes excellent guitars. He also winds for his own creations only. But Shoot him an email and ask.) ***🇺🇸
Roswell Pickups (Believe these have something to do with Wilkinson. Formerly known as WSC. Asian made) **

Rumpelstiltskin Pickups (Funny name for a small business) **** 🇺🇸

Sanford Magnetics (Humbuckers and P90´s only) *** 🇨🇦

SB Pickups (Spencer is a fresh winder of Strat PUs  on the scene. Website coming. Does Email for the time being ) *** 🇺🇸

Sentell Pickups (All sorts, rewind service. But can custom build any weird stuff for you) *** 🇺🇸

Shed Pickups (Back again from a long hiatus. All sorts based in Cardiff UK) **** 🇬🇧

Sheptone (Humbucker specialists, Keep in mind: Jeff Sheppard has sold this company. Now under new management) *** 🇺🇸

Sigil Pickups (Canadian hand wounds. High cost) **** 🇨🇦

Silverhand Pickups (Standard priced pups. Good tidy website) *** 🇺🇸

Sliders Pickups (Busy winder in Sydney Australia) 🇦🇺
SK Guitar Pickups (One man operation. 90´s website) **** 🇺🇸

Skytone Pickups (Based in the same city as Fender. Corona. wound by a NAVY vet. ) **** 🇺🇸

Skywood Pickups (Excellent value for you. Straight from California. Reverb Only) ** 🇺🇸
SP Custom Pickups (French winder of all sorts) **** 🇫🇷

Sonny´s Custom Shop (Fair priced sets for Strat and Gibsons) *** 🇺🇸

SoulTone Pickups (Good prices and wide selection) ** 🇺🇸

Soulshine Pickups (Dutch winder. Fairly priced) *** 🇳🇱
Sounds Of Sin (Dreadful 90´s website. PAF´s only) 🇺🇸

Sublime Pickups (Budapest based with cool graphical custom Pickup covers. FB only) 🇭🇺
Stephens Design (slightly outdated website, custom pups for a price) ***** 🇺🇸

Stew Mac (Their Golden Age pickups are economical but very good actually) ** 🇺🇸

Stonewall Pickups (Nice selection of handwound stuff) **** 🇺🇸

Sunday Handwound (Jazzmaster and Strat /Tele Not sure if price is per pickup or pr set.) ? 🇺🇸

T.K. Smith (Luthier with a small selection of non-traditional pickups) *** 🇺🇸

Tesla Pickups (Asian pickup production. Machine wound but some handwound. For any stringed instruments) ***

TexasWound Boutique (Lonestar pups. Standard priced pups) *** 🇺🇸

Theo Dahlem Pickups (FB only, Custom pickups and restoration with analysis involved) **** 🇩🇪

The Little Guitar Shop (Brummie shop that winds pups too) *** 🇬🇧

The Pickup Wizard (Sweet pickups from an Canadian ex-telecom employee) *** 🇨🇦

Tiki-Man Guitar Pickups (Seem to operate only from FB. Winder from Ozark Missouri) 🇺🇸

Toltec Pickups  FB (Leeds UK. Seems to have good prices on his pickups) ** 🇬🇧

Tone Emporium (Reasonable pickup sets from Canada. Asian made) ** 🇨🇦

Tone Hatch (Hand wound and super affordable pups from Nebraska) ** 🇺🇸

Tone Specific Guitar Co. (run by three guys. Duplicated the Virgil Arlo pickups) ****** 🇺🇸

Tonerider (Well known popular winders. Loads of models for killer price) * / ** 🇬🇧

Tom Anderson (Mostly known for his guitars, but he makes pickups to sell too) ****  🇺🇸

Tom Brantley Rewinds (Geddy Lee´s repair man. Sells pickups too) *** / **** 🇨🇦

Timpson / TDM Pickups (Pickups not listed at the site. Shoot them an email) 🇺🇸

Tornade MS Pickups (french winder. Signature sets and such)  **** 🇪🇬

Trakhmann Pickups (Russian. Seems like a distributor only. No option to buy online from them) 🇷🇺

Tuma Pickups Czech Republic. Deals on FB Only 🇨🇿
TV Jones (Gretch style mostly. Brian Setzer uses them.) **** 🇺🇸

Tyson Tone Lab (single, buckers and P90´s) ***/**** 🇺🇸

Ubertar Hexaphonic Pickups (No idea what he is selling, but it looks funky and experimental) **** ?

Valenti Guitars (Luthier that also do pickups for you.) 🇫🇷

Vaughn Skow (Nashville based. Tele and PRS pickup upgrades) **** 🇺🇸

Vineham Pickups (Well know winder with excellent prices) ** 🇨🇦

Vuorensaku Guitars (Luthier from Finland, Billy Gibbons bought one of his axes. Also makes pickups) 🇫🇮

Warman Guitars (Shop with all sorts. Check "The Bunker" for one-off experimental pickups) * / ** 🇬🇧
Wilde / Bill Lawrence (Bill Lawrence ✝︎ was an engineer legend. Run by his family now) *** 🇺🇸
Wilkinson (Most famous for bridge assemblies. But makes cheap asian made budget pups too) */**

Widdershins Pickups Canadian winder of colorful humbuckers and P90´s **** 🇨🇦

Wizz Pickups (Croatian winder who clone artists P.A.F´s only. Pricey stuff) ***** 🇭🇷

Wolfetone Pickups (Seattle based winder since 1998) *** 🇺🇸

Zexcoil Pickups (naughty name, naughty prices) **** 🇺🇸
Zhangbucker (Not just 'buckers but all kinds) **** 🇺🇸

Acoustic Systems

Dean Markley (Most knon for string. But has a tiny selection of pickups too) ** 🇺🇸

Fishman (Already listed, but you find Fishman systems pre-mounted on thousands of acoustic guitars then and now) *** 🇺🇸

L.R. Baggs. (Fantastic systems. The professionals choice) ****  🇺🇸

DeArmond (Old pickup maker. For Accoustic and Archtops only) *** 🇺🇸

KNA Pickups (For any accoustic string instruments) ** 🇺🇸

Schatten Design (Wide range pickups for any acoustic stringed instruments) ***/**** 🇨🇦

Schertler (Swizz company making tranducer pickups for several accoustic string instruments) ??? 🇨🇭

Surdo Pickups (italian made mics. Blogspot page) ? 🇮🇹
Submarine Pickups (British unique pickup maker for not only acoustic but any steel stringer)**🇬🇧

Sunrise Pickups (Jim Kaufman makes high-end acoustic pickup systems) *****🇺🇸

You may contribute if you know of any winders not found on this list. Send me an email so i can add them or comment on

the Google Spreadsheet (link at the top)

This directory is checked one or two times a year for winders still in, or out of business. New ones added from time to time.
Please visit THIS SITE for some in-deep specs on several pickup models. (Thanks to Antigua at Strat-Talk)

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