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Pickups Artist Scetched

UPDATED: Oct, 2023


The biggest and most known winders today. Hand and machine wound. Prices in all ranges usually due to high selection

Seymour Duncan (Started as a one man operation. Today, the most known winder there is with maintained integrity) *** 🇺🇸
DiMarzio (rock and metal players choice for many years. But not only those. Still doing quality stuff for affordable prices) *** 🇺🇸
Fender (Fenders own in-house pickups. Been winding pickups since the 50´s) *** / *****  🇺🇸 /🇲🇽
Gibson (Official Gibson Humbuckers and LP pups ) **** 🇺🇸

EMG (Another metal players choice since 1975. Famous for their active pickups) *** 🇺🇸
Bare Knuckle (UK based. A boutique winder gone huge in later years) **** 🇬🇧
Lace Music (Noiseless pickups only. Came stock in some Fender models in 1985-1996) **** 🇺🇸

Lollar Pickups (A firm favourite by many.. became famous for P-90s and the Imperial Humbuckers) **** 🇺🇸
Fishman (Mostly known for acoustic systems, But scored big with Fluence models) **** 🇺🇸


Highly regarded, always in demand. One-Man operations or smaller staffed workshops risen from humble beginnings

Don Mare (Don specialises in 50´s sounding Tele & Strat . Only open for order about 3 times a year) *****  🇺🇸 🏆

Ron Ellis | FB (Holy Grail pups for the price. Ron tests his pickups and every part he is supplied in a lab ) ******  🇺🇸🏆
The Creamery (Justin makes fine English pickups ) **** 🇬🇧

Tom Holmes Co. (Nashville based. One of them highly esteemed winders of our times. Call for order) 🇺🇸
J.M Rolph Pickups (Top grade. Please set off an whole evening on the phone if you call to order😄) *****  🇺🇸​

Kinman Pickups (King of Noise and Hum free PU´s. Chris Kinman takes his creation seriously. )*****🇦🇺/🇵🇭

Klein Pickups (Popular in US. Recreates every pivotal year of the) **** 🇺🇸

Cream T Pickups (Associated with ZZ Top, Beck etc. Grew out of Norway from a garage in Oslo) ***** 🇬🇧

Lindy Fralin (Highly respected and knowledgeable winder. Top service) **** 🇺🇸
Van Zandt Pickups (Texas based. W. L. Van Zandt passed away in 1997. His family continues his legacy)**** 🇺🇸

Suhr (John Suhr has done major stuff with his guitars. Try his pickups as well) **** 🇺🇸

Throbak (Pedal, strings and Pickups.) ***** 🇺🇸


small or big, known and unknowns, cheap or costly..

8 Bomb Custom (PAF winder that has perfected his technique. Based in Belarus) **** 🇧🇾

Adeson Pickups (No idea how to order. no contact info.. Bare-bone info only website) ?  🇬🇧

Aero Instruments Pickups (Specialised in Bass pickups) 🇺🇸

Alexander Pribora (He sells both economy and premium pickups with Russian made material) ** / **** 🇷🇺

Auburn Electric Instruments (Indiana based. Just starting up.) 🇺🇸

Amalfitano Pickups (Winds for a few celebs. Has all types) **** 🇺🇸

Amber Pickups (Amber is Wolfgang Damm who invented the P94 Pickup. German site only) **** 🇩🇪

Angeltone Pickups (Wisconsin based. Pickups made on old winding machines) *** 🇺🇸

Antonio Di Gregorio (Seems to only operate his business by FB. acoustic and electric) ? 🇺🇸

Arcane Inc. (Winds all sorts of pickups) **** 🇺🇸

Armstrong Pickups (Kent Armstrongs son Dan runs this) *** 🇬🇧

Arty's Custom Guitar (Austrian winder. Winds batches for sale periodically) *** 🇦🇹

Azure Guitara (An icelandic winder living in Norway winds PUs amongst other things. Reachable on IG / FINN) ****🇳🇴

Benson Custom (Good economical pickups) ** 🇺🇸

Bell Tone Pickups (Baltimore winder and Wah-makers) **** 🇺🇸

BG Pickups (Brian Gunsher winds decent priced pickups from the Colorado Mountains)  *** 🇺🇸

Bootleg Guitars (Small selection. Crazy prices) ***** 🇺🇸

Bootstrap Pickups (Very affordable and excellent quality. High in demand and superb Customer service) *  🇺🇸

Boutique Pickups (Peter Florance legacy lives on. PUs made on his old tools and machines by his protegé)***🇺🇸

Brandonwound Pickups (Versatile Pickups and decent priced Single coils. run by two guys) *** 🇺🇸

Brierly Guitar Pickups (Australian winder) *** 🇦🇺
Bulldog Pickups (All sorts of low-priced pickups) *** 🇬🇧

Burns London (Mostly pickups for their own guitars but knock yourself out and try and email them)*** 🇬🇧

BYOGuitar (New Hampshire based retailer with their own pickup line with affordable prices) ** 🇺🇸

CJLab Pickups (Their ST-pickups are machine wound.) **** 🇺🇸

Callahan Pickups (He winds pickups for Bill Frisell. All sorts selection) *** 🇺🇸

Customy Pickups (Brazilian winder with secret DC readings.. No prices given) ? 🇧🇷

Catwhisker Pickups (Long time UK winder with economy based pups.. Meow!) *** 🇬🇧

Cavalier Pickups (Rob DiStefano is a legend pickup maker. Despite his reputation, he is budget friendly) *** 🇺🇸

Cetera Pickups (Swizz base winder for OK price.) *** 🇨🇭

Cecca Pickups (French winders with a very small (one set model) selection) **** 🇪🇬

Coils Boutique (German small shop. All sorts for good price) ***  🇩🇪

CMDaugherty Handwound (Tecas based winder that does tasty 50¨s and 60´s pickup with relic too) *** 🇺🇸
Colmax Pickups (Canadian winders. HB and Single-coil.) **** 🇨🇦

Corsa Guitars (Tiny selection of humbuckers) **** 🇺🇸

Curtis Novak  (Small team from Cali. All sorts of pups) **** 🇺🇸

Darkmoon NYC (Fair price sets from these winders) *** 🇺🇸

David Barfuss (German winder of several styles) **** 🇩🇪

David Allen Pickups (WARNING: D.Allen is M.I.A. Much debate about production and order problems)   🇺🇸 🇨🇳

Dawgtown Custom Shop (Unknown winder from US. Sells on Reverb. Throw him a bone. Also on FB) 🇺🇸

Deacci Pickups (Irish winders that winds high priced pups) **** 🇮🇪

De Lisle Guitar Co. (Cozy amp, pedal and pickup winder company. Design your own pups) *** 🇺🇸

DeTemple Guitars (One man army luthier and winder) **** 🇺🇸

DF Pickups (Winder located in Adelaide, south Australia)  🇦🇺

DS Pickups (Argentinian winders. Does not sell online. Distributes to other shops) *** 🇦🇷

DGN Custom Guitars (Primarily a builder, but offers some buckers and PAFs too) *** 🇺🇸

Dolezal´s Boutique (Croatian. Refurbish and sells old pickups along new ones) **/**** 🇭🇷

Dominger Pickups (Decent priced made by rockin couple. Sold trough ETSY) *** 🇺🇸

Dommenget Guitars (German based luthier and winder. Unknown how to order or price) 🇩🇪 

Doyle Coils (Clone winder of PAFs and Humbuckers) **** 🇺🇸

Dylan Pickups (Youtuber Dylan Talks Tone. Comes with a price) ***** 🇺🇸

Edmire Pickups  (Norwegian winder. Website currently under construction. Try his FB) 🇳🇴

Eastgrove Pickups (New York City based. No pups listed yet. Strat/Tele only) 🇺🇸
E-Dis Pickups (Croatian maker. Order and prices by e-mail only) ? 🇭🇷

Eternal Guitars (Luthier and winders with option of relicing) *** 🇬🇧

Euphony Pickups (Polish makers, They have reasonalble relic PU covers and knobs) *** 🇵🇱

Evil Sheep Guitar Pickups (UK based. All PU´s seems made for order)  CLOSED UNTIL NOV. 2023**/*** 🇬🇧

FatPups (Small but good selection for Strat and Tele.)** 🇺🇸

Fletcher Pickups (Good PU's for good prices from Ben. Based in Birmingham, England) ** 🇬🇧

Flametone Pickups (Italian maker of pricey clones. Good quality aging of his products) *****  🇮🇹
Fred Stuart Guitars (Well known luthier, makes pickups too) **** 🇺🇸

Foothill Pickups (They wind pickups AND they fix your swimming pool. Ask for package deal 😄) 🇺🇸
Fokin Pickups (In  mother Russia, the pickups winds you. Fokin´cheap pickups)** 🇷🇺

Gadow Guitars (Luthier and winder) *** 🇺🇸

Gas Pickups (Greek winder. Very informative about his pickups. Plenty of read in there) 🇬🇷

Gemini Pickups (Wales based since 2006) *** 🇬🇧

General Vintage Tone (Outrageously priced vintage clone pickups that is made in very small numbers) ****** 🇪🇸
Genesis Pickups (Website closed, sells only trough Reverb now. Signature Strat pups only FB) **** 🇺🇸

GFS GuitarFetish (Well known Florida seller with cheap pickups made in Korea) * 🇺🇸

Ghost Winders (These guys only sell in bulk of 10 set or less to Luthiers/ builders. Check Ebay/Reverb for used) 🇺🇸

Grinning Dog Pickups (Japanese One-Man operation. Old website. Try his FB) 🇯🇵

Guitarish (Viggo is based in Bergen Norway. Small little shop that winds all sorts) *** 🇳🇴

Hanson Pickups (Chicago based. Currently not possible to order)  🇺🇸
Harmonic Design (90´s Website. All sorts of pups) **** 🇺🇸

Häussel Pickups (German based. Website German only) **** 🇩🇪

Hepcat Pickups (Handwound. French site only) **** 🇫🇷
High Order Pickups (90´s website. Order by Email only) **** 🇺🇸

Hoagland Custom (All things for your guitar, harnesses, guards and pups) **** 🇺🇸

Holly`s Handwound (Apparently a woman who winds these. Only sells on Ebay since 2007) ****🇺🇸

Homewrecker Pickups (L.A based. Mostly PAF´s and Humbucker) *** / **** 🇺🇸

House Of Tones (Guitar Magazine voted these fellas for making the best PAF replicas.) *** / **** 🇬🇧
IR Guitar Custom Shop (Makes bodies and such mostly. Now offering own winds) **** 🇬🇧

IronGear Pickups (The British equivalent to Bootstraps. Very cheap, hands wound sets ) * / ** 🇬🇧

Ironstone Pickups (Low budget pickups from UK.)**  🇬🇧

Jess Loureiro (Fair priced sets. Can make ANY pickup you want)  *** 🇪🇸

Jim Wagner Pickups (Main biz is PAFs and Buckers.) **** 🇺🇸

Joe Barden (Joe Barden has since retired, but JBE is still running under new management) *****  🇺🇸

Joel Byron (Want a certain sound? Joel knows. You can only reach him on phone (706) 372-4972) 🇺🇸

JJ's Guitar Pickups (Aussies that winds some nice pup) *** 🇦🇺
J. S Moore Custom  (90´s website again. Fairly priced pickups) *** 🇺🇸

Juicy Pickups (You tell me if they are juicy) *** 🇬🇧

K-Line Guitars Fender model guitar builder. And off course pickups....) **** 🇺🇸

K&T Modern Vintage Guitar  (Jun Takano spins fine pickups in his shop. Are the prices real?) ***** 🇯🇵

Kami Pickups (Old site, not updated. Unsure of operational status) 🇪🇬

Kent Armstrong Handwounds (Kent owns WD music. Offer a selection og pups there) *** 🇬🇧

Kinsley Custom Guitar (Wyoming based winder) ****  🇺🇸

Kloppman Electrics (German winder with tall price range) ****** 🇩🇪


Lawing Musical Prod. (A lesser known challenger in the hum-free department from Dr. Lawing) **** 🇺🇸
Leddin Vintage Guitars (Australian fine wounds) **** 🇦🇺 

Lighthouse Pickups (French pickups, High end on brown bobbins) **** 🇫🇷

Lauzon Pickups (all sorts of hand wound pickups) *** 🇨🇦
LeoSounds (German based winder, all styles)  *** 🇩🇪

Lewis Pickups (Melbourne based. Single coils only) **** 🇦🇺

LunaKraft (Unique deco-art handmade pickups) *** 🇺🇸

Lundgren Guitar Pickups (Swedish high-end winds. All types, all era's) **** 🇸🇪

Luther Lee Pickups (New Jersey based. Makes for Strat, Tele, LP and does P90´s. Also repairs and do rewinds.) **** 🇺🇸

Malagoli Pickups (Brazillian. Good selection and good prices) *** 🇧🇷

Madhouse Designs (order on FB only. On & off winder due to health issues) **** 🇺🇸

Mama Pickups (Italian winder for all sorts. Also bass pickups. They also do custom work) **** 🇮🇹

Manlius Guitar (N.Y based small operation winders) ***  🇺🇸

Mark Foley (Great stuff from UK. Check his FB. Also makes repro hardware) **** 🇬🇧
Masa Handmade (Sells on Ebay. Korean made and sold from China. Words are that they are great pu´s) * 🇰🇷

Mason Electrics (Norwegian winder and electric service man.) 🇳🇴

McNelly Pickups (Canada based. Several types with about 10 weeks leadtime) ***/**** 🇨🇦
Migas Touch Pickups (US based with nice spun and numbered pickups. Nice price. Ships US Only) *** 🇺🇸
MJS Customs (Canadian winder, order by email/forms only) 🇨🇦
Mojo Gear (Bulgarian pedal maker and pickup winders) *** 🇧🇬

Mojo Pickups (Pickups and harnesses for fair price) *** 🇬🇧

Mojotone (Large business: Amps, pedals etc, but they make pickups too) *** 🇺🇸

Monstertone Pickups (Owned by Schecter now. Small selection) ? 🇺🇸

Montances Guitar Wiring (Based in the Phillipines. and fairly new to the market) 🇵🇭 ****
Montreux Guitars (Japanese store. Offering vintage wound pups) **** 🇯🇵

Moondot Music  (Irish luthier, also makes pickups) **** 🇮🇪

Monty´s Guitars (Matt was a apprentice of Charlie Chandler. Famous for his Danish Pete Signature PU.s) *** 🇬🇧
Motor City Pickups (all sorts for all player. based in Detroit) ****  🇺🇸

Nick Silver Pickups (Based in Greece. Great and wide selection) *** / **** 🇬🇷

Nine One Six Pickups (Sacramento based. Very custom stuff) **** 🇺🇸

Nordstrand Audio (All sorts for OK prices) *** 🇺🇸

Nothern Pickups (Huddersfield based. Decent priced. PAF´s, Strat, Tele and Bass) *** 🇬🇧

O.C Duff (All kinds of handwounds from Owen Duffy) **** 🇺🇸

ODEZZA Handwound Pickups (Kansas based winder. Does custom designs if you looking) *** 🇺🇸
Oil City Pickups (Greasy pickups for slick prices) *** 🇬🇧

Old Bones Pickups (Suffolk based. one-man operated windery) *** 🇬🇧

Onamac Windery (Fair priced. Good selection. the choice of Whitfill Guitars) *** 🇺🇸
Ormsby Guitars (Primarily a luthier, but stocks their own humbucker pups) *** 🇦🇺 

Orpheus Pickups (Aussie winds a good selection of Pickups) **** 🇦🇺
OX4 Pickups (British winder with a small selection) **** 🇬🇧
Palatine Pickups (German winder with nice prices. Also offers one-off prototypes. German only site) ***  🇩🇪

Paul Reed Smith (Needs no introduction really) **** 🇺🇸

Pete Biltoft / Vintage Vibe (Fairly unknown. But makes all styles) *** 🇺🇸
Perthshire Guitar Service (A dutch luthier based in Scotland.  He can wind you pickups as well. ) *** 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Pickupmakers (Italian winders. Site is in Italian only) *** 🇮🇹

Planet Tone Pickup Co. (Based in Denver. Good customisable selection and low prices) ** 🇺🇸

Porter Pickups (Idaho based. Good website, all sorts of pups and OK prices) **** 🇺🇸

Q-Pickups (Croatia based. Sells mostly on Reverb now. Experiments and do one-offs as well) *** 🇭🇷

Q-Tuner Pickups (Unique futuristic designs from these guys) **** 🇺🇸
QRZ Pickups (Norwegian. is a guitar parts seller with their own in-house winder) **** 🇳🇴

Redding Street Pickups (more known as Ckuz Pickups. Decent prices) *** 🇺🇸

Reilander Custom (Canadian winder you can find him on Instagram )*** 🇨🇦

ReWind Pickups (Offering vintage wound pups for grand dollars) ***** 🇺🇸

Rice Custom Guitars (Variety of pickups. Price on contact only) 🇺🇸

Radioshop Pickups (Wide selection. All sets can be pre-wired for yoiu.) **** 🇬🇧

Railhammer (Humbuckers for rockers. Made in Asia believe) ***

Revel Custom Pickups (Great selection for fair prices. Easy to navigate site) *** 🇺🇸
Rautia Pickups (Arctic tones. Temporarily closed due to illness) 🇫🇮

Raw Vintage (Vintage correctness. Makes Tremolo springs and saddles too) ***

Rio Grande Pickups (Texas for sure. All sorts and everything else) **** 🇺🇸

Rocketfire Pickups (Small selection. Can be found in Danocaster guitars) **** 🇺🇸

Ron Kirn (Ron makes excellent guitars. He also winds for his own creations only. But Shoot him an email and ask.) ***🇺🇸
Roswell Pickups (Believe these have something to do with Wilkinson. Formerly known as WSC. Asian made) **

Rumpelstiltskin Pickups (Funny name for a small business) **** 🇺🇸

Sanford Magnetics (Humbuckers and P90´s only) *** 🇨🇦

SB Pickups (Spencer is a fresh winder of Strat PUs  on the scene. Website coming. Does Email for the time being ) *** 🇺🇸

Sentell Pickups (All sorts, rewind service. But can custom build any weird stuff for you) *** 🇺🇸

Sheptone (Humbucker specialists, Keep in mind: Jeff Sheppard has sold this company. Now under new management) *** 🇺🇸

Sigil Pickups (Canadian hand wounds. High cost) **** 🇨🇦

Silverhand Pickups (Standard priced pups. Good tidy website) *** 🇺🇸

Sliders Pickups (Busy winder in Sydney Australia) 🇦🇺
SK Guitar Pickups (One man operation. 90´s website) **** 🇺🇸

Skytone Pickups (Based in the same city as Fender. Corona. wound by a NAVY vet. ) **** 🇺🇸

Skywood Pickups (Excellent value for you. Straight from California. Reverb Only) ** 🇺🇸
SP Custom Pickups (French winder of all sorts) **** 🇫🇷

Sonny´s Custom Shop (Fair priced sets for Strat and Gibsons) *** 🇺🇸

SoulTone Pickups (Good prices and wide selection) ** 🇺🇸

Soulshine Pickups (Dutch winder. Fairly priced) *** 🇳🇱
Sounds Of Sin (Dreadful 90´s website. PAF´s only) 🇺🇸

Sublime Pickups (Budapest based with cool graphical custom Pickup covers. FB only) 🇭🇺
Stephens Design (slightly outdated website, custom pups for a price) ***** 🇺🇸

Stew Mac (Their Golden Age pickups are economical but very good actually) ** 🇺🇸

Stonewall Pickups (Nice selection of handwound stuff) **** 🇺🇸

TexasWound Boutique (Lonestar pups. Standard priced pups) *** 🇺🇸

Theo Dahlem Pickups (FB only, Custom pickups and restoration with analysis involved) **** 🇩🇪

The Little Guitar Shop (Brummie shop that winds pups too) *** 🇬🇧

The Pickup Wizard (Sweet pickups from an Canadian ex-telecom employee) *** 🇨🇦

Tiki-Man Guitar Pickups (Seem to operate only from FB. Winder from Ozark Missouri) 🇺🇸

Toltec Pickups  FB (Leeds UK. Seems to have good prices on his pickups) ** 🇬🇧

Tone Emporium (Reasonable pickup sets from Canada. Asian made) ** 🇨🇦

Tone Hatch (Hand wound and super affordable pups from Nebraska) ** 🇺🇸

Tone Specific Guitar Co. (run by three guys. Duplicated the Virgil Arlo pickups) ****** 🇺🇸

Tonerider (Well known popular winders. Loads of models for killer price) * / ** 🇬🇧

Tom Anderson (Mostly known for his guitars, but he makes pickups to sell too) ****  🇺🇸

Tom Brantley Rewinds (Geddy Lee´s repair man. Sells pickups too) *** / **** 🇨🇦

Timpson / TDM Pickups (Pickups not listed at the site. Shoot them an email) 🇺🇸

Tornade MS Pickups (french winder. Signature sets and such)  **** 🇪🇬
TV Jones (Gretch style mostly. Brian Setzer uses them.) **** 🇺🇸

Tyson Tone Lab (single, buckers and P90´s) ***/**** 🇺🇸

Ubertar Hexaphonic Pickups (No idea what he is selling, but it looks funky and experimental) **** ?

Valenti Guitars (Luthier that also do pickups for you.) 🇫🇷

Vaughn Skow (Nashville based. Tele and PRS pickup upgrades) **** 🇺🇸

Vineham Pickups (Well know winder with excellent prices) ** 🇨🇦

Vuorensaku Guitars (Luthier from Finland, Billy Gibbons bought one of his axes. Also makes pickups) 🇫🇮

Warman Guitars (Shop with all sorts. Check "The Bunker" for one-off experimental pickups) * / ** 🇬🇧
Wilde / Bill Lawrence (Bill Lawrence ✝︎ was an engineer legend. Run by his family now) *** 🇺🇸
Wilkinson (Most famous for bridge assemblies. But makes cheap asian made budget pups too) */**

Widdershins Pickups Canadian winder of colorful humbuckers and P90´s **** 🇨🇦

Wizz Pickups (Croatian winder who clone artists P.A.F´s only. Pricey stuff) ***** 🇭🇷

Wolfetone Pickups (Seattle based winder since 1998) *** 🇺🇸

Zexcoil Pickups (naughty name, naughty prices) **** 🇺🇸
Zhangbucker (Not just 'buckers but all kinds) **** 🇺🇸

Acoustic Systems

Fishman (Already listed, but you find Fishman systems on thousands of acoustic guitars today) *** 🇺🇸

L.R. Baggs. (Fantastic systems. The professionals choice) ****  🇺🇸

DeArmond (Old pickup maker. For Accoustic and Archtops only) *** 🇺🇸

KNA Pickups (For any accoustic string instruments) ** 🇺🇸

Schatten Design (Wide range pickups for any acoustic stringed instruments) ***/**** 🇨🇦

Surdo Pickups (italian made mics. Blogspot page) ? 🇮🇹
Submarine Pickups (British unique pickup maker for not only acoustic but any steel stringer)**🇬🇧

Sunrise Pickups (Jim Kaufman makes high-end acoustic pickup systems) *****🇺🇸


Scetched Humbucker Art

Retired / Out Of Business​

APC Pickups

Arnsparger Pickups (Retired Dec 2022)

Benedetto Pickups (Not gone, but went under ownership of Seymour Duncan)

Borealis Guitars

Budz Pickups (Got news in May 2022 that Budz will not return due to health reasons)

Bullock Guitar Pickups

Cellinos Handwound pickups.

Chevalier Pickups

David´s Guitar Pickups

Electric City Pickups (retired)

Fuelie Pickups

Guitar Force Pickups

Guitar Logistics (Website active, but broken)

Harrison Pickups

Harpmaster Pickups (Unknown. Shut down. Inactive FB)

Heartland Tone Pickups

Heavy Air Guitar Pickups (On Hiatus)
Heckler Pickups

Heywood Pickups

Highline Guitars LLC (Hiatus)

Ian Anderson (member on TGP forum. seems he quit)

Jeppson Guitar Pickups

JC Pickups (John Collins is the man behind. M.I.A) 🇦🇺

Langcaster Guitars (Retired due to illness)  🇺🇸

Mack Amps (Closed)

Mike Turk Pickups (Holy grail PAF´s winder. Highly regarded)
Mullinax Pickups (inactive since 2014)

Over The Pond Guy Pickups (Holy Grail PAF clones. Goes for high price on Reverb)

Patrick McDonald Hand wound Pickups (Apparently retired)

Pure Tone Pickups

RCI Guitar Pickups (Out of business?)

RD Pickups Ireland 

Roadhouse Pickups

Rockfield Pickups
Rose Pickups (budget friendly wound to order, Shut down 2021 because of rude customers)

Peter Florance Voodoo (Early era boutique buckers and P90´s before Boutique was a thing, Deceased but his legacy lives on) 🇺🇸

Reed James Custom (Bass guitar pickup winder)

Reilander Pickups (Website down, unknown.)

Rogers Pickups

Rock Monkey Guitar (one man operation. Retired due to illness) 🇬🇧

Sergio Rosar (Brazil based winder. Not sure if retired or how to order)

Shed Pickups (Great pickups, but closed due to personal issues.) 
Scatterbrane Pickups (Ron Kinkade made great Gibson pups. Shut down 2015/2016)  🇺🇸

Sklar Guitars
Smits Pickups
Stan Hinesly Pickups (On hiatus)

Steffesen Pickups 🇧🇪

Sydewinder Pickups

Telenator (Telecaster pup winders. Closed 2017) 🇺🇸

Tesla Pickups

Tim White
Tom Shorts Pickups

Torres Handwound Pickups
TTS Pickups

Tub Guitar Pickups

Velvet Hammer (Red Rhodes had his pickups in Joan Jett´s Melody Maker amongst some.. Passed away in 1995)

Voltage Guitar Pickups

Vintage Soul Guitar Pickups

Virgil Arlo (Apparently a made-up winder who sprinkled fairy dust on the pickups. Up to you to buy into the hype or move on 🇺🇸🏆

Webber Custom Pickups (Facebook site is there but not active. Seems out of business)

You may contribute if you know of any winders not found on this list. Send me an email so i can add them or comment on

the Google Spreadsheet (link at the top)

This directory is checked one or two times a year for winders still in, or out of business. New ones added from time to time.
Please visit THIS SITE for some in-deep specs on several pickup models. (Thanks to Antigua at Strat-Talk)



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