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Guitar Service


I do my setup in very close communication with the customers playing style and request.
I can recommend and order any parts for you, this will be included in addition to work price
If your guitar require several things from the price list below, Package discount will be given. Price on agreement

Fender Guitar's
(Price is for work only. Parts will be added on top of these)

900 php - Full Service (string change, & fret polishing, Intonation and action adjust. Wiring check diag.)

1300 php - Same as above, but with fret leveling
400 php Change tuners (Prices may vary dependable on work that needs.)

500 php Fixing singular high Frets only

500 php Electronic Diagnostic and Pickup swap (new parts will be added to price)
500php Full noise Shielding of pick guard and cavities

600php Change wiring setup (Example: from standard wiring to Blender mod)
900 php Bridge Swap / Saddle swap and setup and intonation
1000php New Bone Nut (Cut from blanks and and with optimal string height setting)

500 php Relicing Hardware (I can relic your hardware (ONLY Nickel parts)

500php - Rolling edges Fretboard

Gibson, Epiphone, PRS, Yamaha etc. Guitar's

I can set up and fix ANY type of electric guitars.
Prices are the same, or in vicinity of price list above.

Acoustic Guitar's / Classical

I do not fix holes and do major wood fixing. You need luthiers for that.
Setup, leveling frets, Change Nuts, tuners and basic care is what i offer for acoustics.

Things i do not do:
- Lacquering / Paint finish

- Wood Damage repair (large)

- Relicing guitar bodies


3500 php - Re-Fret Nickel (with leveling and full setup)

5000 php - Re-Fret Stainless Steel (with leveling and full setup)

Please send me an inquiry by phone or by Contact Form
You can also show up at my door unannounced from:

07:00-22:00 Weekends


City And Land Megaplaza

Passig Ortigas San Antonio

PHONE: 09611454213

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