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Fender International Telecaster

International Series (1980-1981)

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Arctic White - Capri Orange - Cathay Ebony - Maui Blue - Monaco Yellow - Moroccan Red - Sahara Taupe - Sienna Sunburst - Cherry Sunburst


Wood: Alder

Lacquer: Polyurethane

Shape: Standard Telecaster

Pickguard: 3-Ply White

Serial: Front Under Decal / S-serial


Wood: Maple

Decal: Black Slim CBS w/ Gold Trim "Telecaster Made In USA"

Fretboard Wood: Maple or Rosewood

Inlays: Pearloid on Rosewood / Black Dots on Maple

Lacquer: Polyurethane

Profile: Slim/Medium "C"

Headstock: Standard Telecaster

Nut Width: 1-5/8"(41mm)

Scale: 25.5"

Radius: 7.25"

#Frets: 21

Fretwire: 6230 Vintage Frets

Trussrod:  Vintage Heel-Adjust

Bolt-On Type: 4-Bolt


Bridge Type: Vintage 3-Saddle String-Thru 2/ Ashtray Cover

Bridge Marking:  FENDER Pat.No DES.164227 / 2.573.254

Saddle: Slotted Steel Barrel Saddles

Tuners: "F" Stamped CBS Tuners

String Tree: 2 X Butterfly

Neckplate: "F" plate with Plastic Protector

Knobs:  Knurled Flat-Top


Switch: 3-Way / Top Hat Switch-Tip

Wiring: Standard B/BN/N

Capacitors: 0.5uf Dime Capacitor

Pickup Layout:  SS

Neck Pickup: Fender Grey Bobbin Pickup w/Cover

Bridge Pickup: Fender Grey Bobbin Pickup w/Cover


Case: Fender injection molded plastic 

The International was a short lived line that put some fresh colors on the palette. The name of the colors all had geographical references, hence the name "International". Except for Arctic White and the two Bursts, these colors has not been used by Fender USA since. Fender Japan reissued the line in 2022 using most of the same colors.

The serial on these are S8-serials which got people to believe they had 78-79 models instead. But actually, CBS had an overstock of S8-serials leftover and used them on these. If you own one, you have a 80-81 model.

The International Series sold little at a time when CBS had declining quality with their Fender products.

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